Hackaday Munich kicks off with the Embedded Hardware Workshop

The Embedded Hardware Workshop is an afternoon of hands-on activities meant to explore new embedded architectures or prove mastery for those already familiar with the devices.

Anyone who has experience with computer coding -- from beginner to veteran -- will find a challenge suited to their skill set.

The Workshop Lineup


Choose your "brainless" robot body, then pick out an embedded development board to pair with it. After connecting the two you'll write firmware to complete a simple task

Beginners will have plenty of time to pick up the skill of simple embedded development

Veterans will be encouraged to complete the robot tasks on as many different embedded hardware platforms as possible


Explore the concept of hardware-based audio manipulation with the Moog Werkstatt synth kit

This synth kit sounds amazing and is designed so that you can easily add your own circuits

Any good synth needs a sequencer, made possible by adding a microcontroller to this all-analog system

We'll have breadboards and components on hand so you can learn about audio signal manipulation by adding external circuits


Delve into the secrets found in consumer electronics by tapping into a jtag header or serial port on the set of devices found in the reverse-engineering area

Computer Vision

Get in the game by working with computer vision to recognize and automate tablet-based gaming apps

Come for the Workshops, Stay for the Festivites

The Hackaday Prize Party

Hackaday Munich marks the conclusion of the 2014 Hackaday Prize. The 6-month-long contest challenged hardware developers to use Open Design to build the future of connected devices.

The Hackaday Prize party will celebrate the five finalists shown below. We will reveal the order in which these entries placed, and award the Grand Prize winner a trip into Space!

Spend the rest of the evening meeting other hardware enthusiasts from around the region. Entertainment will include music, a vintage video gaming lounge, full-body 3D scanning, and more!


As we transition into the evening we will present a few brief talks on embedded hardware. This leads up to the awarding of the Grand Prize.

Mingle with hackers, designers, and engineers as we serve up food and beverages. This is a great time to show off the hardware projects you've been working on.


With the workshops behind us and the prize awarded, enjoy the music and much more. Hit the dance floor, strike a post while being 3d-scanned, or relive the video games of yore.

Blinky-apparel is encouraged so don't forget those LED-adorned wearables that have been hanging around your lab.

Get There

Technikum at TonHalle
Munich, Germany

Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 12:30 to 23:30 (CET)